Supporting Digital Humanities in the Library: Creating Sustainable & Scalable Services

At the Digital Library Federation 2011 forum, Monica McCormick (NYU’s Digital Scholarly Publishing Officer) and I participated in a session called “Supporting Digital Humanities in the Library” along with colleagues from Emory University: Tim Bryson, Miriam Posner, and Alain St. Pierre.

Here is a brief blurb about the session:

The information landscape has evolved in recent decades, resulting in an existential crisis for academic libraries. Activities we’ve taken for granted for more than a century (research and publishing models, our services, our content) need to be redefined in partnership with our users. Meanwhile, patrons demand new kinds of support and new modes of collaboration. In this panel, representatives from two academic libraries will describe their research into the changing roles of academic librarians in the humanities. At New York University, librarians are exploring new service models to support digital scholarly research, collaboration, and sharing. At Emory University, librarians are experimenting with a new model for how a library can lead and collaborate with scholars in digital humanities activity.

Our presentation, “Supporting Digital Humanities in the Library: Creating Sustainable & Scalable Services,” is based on work we and colleagues have been doing at NYU over the past 14 months. After the presentation we received several requests to share our slides, so we’re now making them available for all to see and use.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about this topic.