Jennifer Vinopal, thinking about the milkshake in front of her.

(c) Rob Dimit

I am a librarian. My professional background is in humanities scholarship, library collection development, digital library and digital scholarship initiatives, and public service. I work in partnership with scholars, librarians, archivists, technologists, and others to explore the production of new-form scholarship and its attendant challenges. My research examines various aspects of organizational culture, including methods for communication and strategic planning, management practices for building scalable and sustainable services, the quest for diversity in the library profession, and the value and praxis of intersectional feminist leadership. These explorations into how organizations function inform what I do, the questions I ask, and the ways I interact with others.

I am the Associate Director for Information Technology at The Ohio State University Libraries. I hold an M.Phil. in French Literature from New York University and an M.L.I.S. from Rutgers University’s School of Communication, Information and Library Science.

I am also on the board of the Robert Giard Foundation, an NYC-based not-for-profit that funds artists in photography or moving image working in the subject areas of sexuality and gender identity.

How to pronounce my last name: VIN (rhymes with “win”) – oh – pal.
To learn more about me and my work, see my research page and my curriculum vitae.


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