I wouldn’t want be on their team. Would you?

Yesterday I was reading through some older email and found a nice list of project management tools to try. I clicked through to look at a few of them and decided to also look at the teams who built them. One of the tools is called Teamwork and their own team looks awfully male and white. I noted this on twitter and quickly heard back from one of their staff:


I suggested he look for women:


Contrary to @Samkidd’s belief, there really are tech women in Ireland:


Wow. Even geek women who like to eat dinner. That sounds pretty good to me.

Then @Branedy piped in to explain:


Go ahead and read his post. It’s short and you’ll find it helpful in understanding the rest of the conversation here. You see, @Branedy blames the pipeline problem. He refers to a coder dojo where he says he’s volunteered:


But here’s the money quote from his blog post:

“Until such time as females are educated, and qualified to develop code, or web working. The all-white-all-male club will be more the norm than than in the general populations. And you can’t enforce a gender balance on startups and lean companies, it would crush them. Only educations will change this imbalance. So please stop complaining about us, and others, and start sending your daughters, wives and girlfriends to school.”

So it seems gender balance will bring your company down, “crush them” even. There are lots of things to say about this quote. I’ll just mention two: First, why does he say “females” instead of “women?” Is there some kind of belief in biological determinism going on here? Second, even his target audience here seems to be men: “start sending your daughters, wives and girlfriends to school.” Yeah, why don’t the menfolk just send the womenfolk to get properly educated?

He ends with: “So if you are qualified and motivated send a CV or drop an email at Teamwork.COM.” But at this point, what woman would want to work with them? Motivated by what? That inspiring blog post that says gender balance will crush startups?


And finally, evidence of the leaky pipeline which starts before girls are even out of elementary school:


No wonder Teamwork can’t find any women to work there. I wouldn’t want be on their team. Would you?