Testing: Embedding playlists

Testing: Embedding playlists

YouTube: Eeeewwww I hate the way YouTube handles embedded playlists. I’ve got 3 videos in this playlist but you can’t tell that right off the bat when you load the page. Instead you have to notice the playlist name at the bottom of the player and click on it to be able to see icons for the three videos. Once you pick one of the videos it doesn’t look like you can get back to that window that shows you what’s in the playlist. You have to play (or fast forward) through each video in turn to get to the next one.

I think this is BAD UI.



Testing RSS Plugins to feed a DSpace collection to a WP page

Plugin: Embed RSS


  • No control over how the data is formatted.
  • There are some spacing issues (in first item, no space in title between Portal and Implementation).

Current DSpace (plugin code set to retrieve 10 items and 10 appear below. Only title and abstract field names are displaying, but with bad formatting. Author field name is not displaying.)

[cetsEmbedRSS id=’http://archive.nyu.edu/feed/rss_1.0/2451/27729′ itemcount=’10’ itemauthor=’1′ itemdate=’1′ itemcontent=’1′]

Test DSpace (plugin code set to retrieve 10 items and only 4 appear below. However, note that field names are displaying – title, author, abstract)

[cetsEmbedRSS id=’http://archivestage.home.nyu.edu/feed/rss_1.0/2451/27729′ itemcount=’10’ itemauthor=’1′ itemdate=’1′ itemcontent=’1′]


Plugin: HungryFeed

Pros: has options to configure how data is formatted. Also automatically displays the name of the DSpace collection. (or maybe that’s a con?)


  • can’t get the DSpace data to file into the fields where they belong. (This may be a problem with the way our DSpace is sending out the data. I’ll investigate)
  • Not sure where those line breaks are coming from. It would be great if they worked because the citation would then be nicely formatted.
  • Same spacing issues as I’m seeing with the other widget. This suggests that it may be a DSpace issue rather than a plugin problem.
  • I can’t get the data to file into the HungryFeed fields available via its templates

Here is HungryFeed straight out of the box, displaying 5 DSpace items

Current DSpace (note how there are spacing issues, line break code displays, field names missing.)

[hungryfeed url=”http://archive.nyu.edu/feed/rss_1.0/2451/27729″ max_items=”5″]


Test DSpace (note formatting looks correct, no spacing issues)

[hungryfeed url=”http://archivestage.home.nyu.edu/feed/rss_1.0/2451/27729″ max_items=”2″]


Here is HungryFeed using the template option. You can see how the DSpace data isn’t being pushed into the HungryFeed fields.

Current DSpace

[hungryfeed url=”http://archive.nyu.edu/feed/rss_1.0/2451/27729″ max_items=”5″ template=”1″]


Test DSpace (note that data not pushed into HungryFeed fields. So this may be a problem with HungryFeed)

[hungryfeed url=”http://archivestage.home.nyu.edu/feed/rss_1.0/2451/27729″ max_items=”2″ template=”1″]