WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

In order to more intelligently advise scholars about their options for creating websites, I’ve started investigating various website hosting platforms. I want to compare features and highlight the plusses and minuses of each for blogging, website hosting, content delivery, etc. Some scholars are very technically savvy, and some are not. I want to help them make informed decisions by understanding the differences among the various tools and services, and the tradeoffs between customization and the technical skill/investment needed to maintain whatever is customized.

In my first review I compared wordpress.com with wordpress.org.

Note: Special thanks go out to Miriam Posner (Emory University), Megan Perez (University of Arkansas), and Francesca Socolick (New York University) for their comments and contributions in creating this draft document.

This is a work in progress. I’d love to get feedback on what I’ve written so far.

Next I’m going to look at Blogger. Stay tuned!

Update 4/2/2012: In December 2011 I turned this into a spreadsheet and added Blogger to the comparison. Anyone can view this document. Please add comments to the spreadsheet so I can improve the information. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EJKlDPnRZXS7wnTiz1Rt44n9v00qrN8MbNavqiz6VE8/edit